Welcome to the only genuine Detinnitiser site. My name is Stephen Ostler. Since 2003 I have had TINNITUS - a high pitched noise in both ears -  but I am now able to find peace and can enjoy my life again. So could you. The good news is that most tinnitus is harmless, even though it can be very annoying.  Tinnitus is a very common condition and some mild noise in the ears may even be universal.

Incidentally, I am an inventor not a doctor. Those new to tinnitus should always consult their doctor first. However I am a tinnitus sufferer and I have developed something that has already helped me and many other people.

If you are troubled by tinnitus and are looking for something that can help you now, rather than trust in promises for a supposed result over the long term, I have something for you to try. It's a new method called Detinnitising and it is based on a well-known effect called residual inhibition. In its simplest form, Detinnitising plays subtle little sound pulses in the background. Amazingly, these can suppress your tinnitus. But there's more to it than this, as you'll find if you explore this site. Be sure to try the simple test too - at the top of the 'Get Relief Now' page.


Detinnitising is not to be confused with "tinnitus masking". Detinnitising doesn't try to cover up the tinnitus with a broader sound. Instead special pulses are used to occupy the processing resources in the hearing system that would otherwise be used by the tinnitus. Unlike masking, the sound signal that does this can be very quiet - it's what it consists of that does the work, not how loud it is.

Please note Detinnitising does not claim to be a long-term cure for tinnitus. No such thing yet exists. Instead, it is a way to obtain effective relief while it's in use.

If you live in the UK, you can either purchase a general-purpose Detinnitising CD here, or visit me at my office to look at the full range of solutions and try before you buy. In either case, your money back if not delighted.

Detinnitising is a proven solution at low cost. To explore my site, please click on the tabs at the top of the page.

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