WHY does high-pitched tinnitus occur?

  • Damage or decay in the hearing system means there is a deficiency in the full range of audio frequencies delivered to the brain. Usually, it's the uppermost frequencies that get lost.

  • Sometimes tinnitus results. This acts like a noise signal that covers up this deficiency or 'lack'.

WHAT does Detinnitising do?

  • It pushes the tinnitus out with a special sound signal that demands more processing resources from the human hearing system. It's the structure of this signal that's important, not its volume. So it can be quiet, working in the background.

  • The full perception of hearing involves processing sounds successively at more complex levels. The more of these levels that can be engaged at the same time, the greater will be the tinnitus suppression.

HOW does Detinnitising achieve this?

  • To most effectively soak up all the processing capacity of the hearing system, a Detinnitising signal should include the following characteristics:

  • It should be restricted in bandwidth to match the tinnitus.

  • It should be a discontinuous (rather than an unchanging) stimulus.

  • It should include information-bearing sound content.

The Detinnitising CDs keep the lower processing levels in the auditory system occupied.

The Detinnitiser Box intensifies the action of the CDs and also keeps the higher processing levels occupied.

For a fuller explanation please refer to our IN DEPTH page, which sets out the theory in detail.

Some "Detinnitiser" machines from the past...

The Mk I used a separate pickup unit coupled to the headphones by infra-red light.
The Mk II allowed the user to select Detinnitising sound components to taste, using faders.
The Mk III was an elaborate unit providing push-button selection of the Detinnitising signals as well as relaxing sound effects. It could be used without headphones if desired.

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