• Take an empty crisp packet now, and crumple it close to your affected ear(s).
  • If your tinnitus temporarily reduces, then Detinnitising will likely benefit you too, but more.

Personal Consultations (discontinued - see above)

Having your tinnitus assessed by me at a consultation is easy to arrange. Click HERE to email me and we can discuss a mutually convenient time. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

The fixed fee for my time during a consultation is £75 but no charge is made if I'm unable to help you. Any additional cost will depend on what - if anything - you decide to buy after you've tried it. Don't worry - there is no sales pressure. You only take what works for you and can afford.

The meeting is relaxed and informal and takes place at my house in Worcestershire. We'll start by discussing the background of your individual tinnitus. I'll then carry out two audiological tests and we will try out the products appropriate for your case. The meeting will normally take around two hours but there is no fixed time. The aim is to help you.

All the products below are available for trial during a consultation.

In addition, where you see a purchasing button below, you also have the option of ordering the product by mail. Orders can be despatched to UK addresses only.

The General Purpose Detinnitising CD

Now you can try the Detinnitising method for yourself at home with a single 'sample' CD that combines all the various signals! This costs £29 all-inclusive by mail, £22 at a consultation. Your money back if not delighted. See terms lower down this page.

The first short track is fairly loud and is designed to rapidly clear your tinnitus. The remaining six tracks occupy the rest of the CD and this should be played as quietly as possible: whatever is sufficient to maintain the tinnitus suppression.

This is a general purpose CD with a broad application. It includes content from all the other Detinnitising CDs featured on this site.


The all-in-one CD

The full range of Detinnitising CDs

Detinnitising CDs should not be confused with 'relaxation CDs' or 'white noise generators'. Instead, they play specially formulated pulses which continually and gently replenish residual inhibition. These don't mask - but instead replace your tinnitus with something much less offensive. You'll be amazed at just how effective they can be.

Unlike the General Purpose CD (above), these CDs are not available by mail. At a consultation, depending on the audiogram result we can pick one that should work best for you. If you choose one, it will cost £22.

The range of CDs

The Detinnitiser Amplifier II

This little device intensifies the effect of the CDs but it can also be used independently. It takes in sound from the outside world and filters it so its frequency profile is restricted to correspond to that of high-pitched tinnitus. It takes Detinnitising to the next level!

It presents the hearing system with a choice. Either it can continue to allocate its resources to the boring, unchanging tinnitus - or it can devote them instead to the narrow-band 'information-bearing' sound content coming from the Detinnitiser Amplifier. It normally chooses the latter, meaning the tinnitus is pushed aside and often can completely disappear.

The Detinnitiser Amplifier II cannot be used by those who wear a Hearing Aid. Since it has to be placed somewhere on your person (there's a belt clip and lanyard), it's best used in static situations, such as when sitting down or watching TV etc.

The Detinnitiser Amplifier II costs £49 all-inclusive by mail (£39 at a consultation). Your money back if not delighted. See terms lower down this page.

It uses a single AAA battery that lasts for dozens of hours. The earphones can be used in one ear or both, depending on where your tinnitus originates

For the biggest 'hit' on your tinnitus, it's a good idea to get both the General Purpose CD and the Detinnitising Amplifier II. Of course, at a consultation you can try both without obligation.



The Detinnitiser V

This new product sits anywhere in the room. There is nothing to wear. It uses special sound signals to combat tinnitus, including information-bearing content. It is not a tinnitus masker, it is more a tinnitus replacer. During a session, you often can reduce its output in stages until it is so quiet can forget it's there.

The Detinnitiser is a small desktop unit that's equally happy on the floor propped up out of sight against a wall. It incorporates some very innovative features and is quite unique.

Each Detinnitiser is hand made. It is only available at a Consultation and costs £379.

Future Developments

I would like to develop a Detinnitiser App for the smartphone. I have an Android phone, and when I went to the PlayStore and keyed in 'tinnitus', I got about 200 results. It was hard to know which to choose. I haven't been able to examine them in detail but most of them look like junk to me.

A Detinnitiser App would be able to use the smartphone features to incorporate all the proven tinnitus suppression features in one App and could be adjustable to suit each user. It could make a compact, versatile - and very effective - solution to tinnitus that would make the present desktop Detinnitiser obsolete. So if you are a professional App developer, feel free to approach me for an initial discussion.


If you are new to tinnitus or your tinnitus has recently changed, always consult your doctor before trying this or any other internet remedy. Why not show him/her this site and ask for a frank opinion?

To order any products, you must be aged over 18 and reside at a UK address. Any payments received from overseas addresses (including the EU) will be refunded and the goods not sent.

Equally, consultations can only be arranged with persons over 18 years of age. You are welcome to bring along a friend or spouse.

Please note we both have the right to cancel or postpone any consultation appointment without any reason needing to be given.

All goods are supplied with a money-back guarantee. A full refund will be made if the goods are returned in resaleable condition within 30 days. Return postage or shipping costs and import duties will not be refunded. For the Detinnitiser V, a free repair warranty will apply for two years.

Detinnitising uses electronically processed sound signals to reduce tinnitus. It is optimised to help deal with the type of tinnitus that sounds like a high-pitched whistle or hiss in one or both ears. It is likely to be less effective if you also suffer from substantial hearing loss.

In the 10 yrs+ that my products have been available, there have been no reports of adverse effects. However you purchase the products on the condition they are to be used AT YOUR OWN RISK. You also undertake not to copy or reverse-engineer the products.

To guard against deceptively high sound levels, NEVER PLAY THE CDs THROUGH HEADPHONES, AND EXERCISE CARE IF LISTENING TO THEM THROUGH THE DETINNITISING AMPLIFIER II. Only play them over speakers and ask a person with good hearing for their opinion of the volume. Always keep the volume to the very lowest that will reduce your tinnitus. The DETINNITISER V desktop unit incorporates sound limiting to ensure safety.

Detinnitising is not suitable for those who also have Epilepsy, Menieres Disease, Hyperacusis, or Recruitment.

All sales are confidential. You will not be put on any mailing list. No personal data beyond your christian name, age, and tinnitus details will be recorded at a consultation.

I am in possession of an 'advanced CRB'. (ie. have been cleared to work with vulnerable people by the UK Criminal Records Bureau).

You are assured of my fair dealing at all times. I only want happy customers!



  • Tinnitus is often affected by how you're feeling generally and how alert you are. That's why when you're busy during the day it often lessens, and when you're settling down to sleep it can return. You can draw comfort from the fact that the hearing system shuts down when we're asleep, so your tinnitus may be gone then too.

  • Tinnitus can be affected by what's in your bloodstream. If your tinnitus varies, keep a log of what you are eating and drinking when it is bad and when it is better, then adjust your diet accordingly.

  • The hearing system might be generating tinnitus to compensate for a lack of high frequency sounds coming in. This is why tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, which is very common as we age. The Detinnitiser Amplifier II compensates for this, to reduce your tinnitus.

  • If you're in good health and maintain a relaxed frame of mind, eventually your tinnitus won't trouble you in the least - even when you decide to listen to it. This is called 'habituation'. My own tinnitus is now merely 'interesting'. Believe me, I speak from experience!

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